• Knapsack-Power-Sprayer

  • Knapsack-Mist-Duster & Power-Blower

  • Battery-Powered-Backpack-Sprayer

About Us

AIHAO Co., Ltd. has been specialized in manufacturing high-quality, high-performance, and unique agricultural machinery in Taiwan for 60 years. Including: Knapsack Power Sprayer, Knapsack Mist Duster & Power Blower, Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer, and Backpack Sprayer, etc. It is suitable for use in various agriculture, anti-virus, pest control, environmental disinfection and gardening.


AIHAO company's products have many patents in many countries around the world, and have highly unique professional technology. Not easy to be counterfeited. And provide customers with the most needed services in a timely manner. In all kinds of agricultural machinery, anti-virus, pest and disease control, environmental disinfection and gardening requires the use of Power Sprayer, Battery Backpack Sprayer, Mist Duster and Sprayer, etc. It is the best choice for agents in all countries in the world for long-term stable operation. ... more